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Parenting Q&A

Respect for Adults

by Christa Bartsch

December, 2008 

Q:  How do you teach children to speak to adults?

A:     A good thing to start early with children is teaching them how to address adults.  Our generation, being child-centered as it is, is forgetting to teach children to respect their elders and address them appropriately.  If you start from the beginning teaching them overall respect for their elders, it will come very naturally to them.  Here are some appropriate things to teach them:

1) Wait to talk to you, their parent, if a grown-up is talking to you.

2) If grown-ups are visiting, children should not join the conversation unless asked to do so.

3) Always use ‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs.’ or ‘Miss’ in front of the adult’s  name even if they’re allowed to use the adult’s first name.

4) If a grown-up talks to the child, he/she should look at the grown-up and respond nicely.  If the child is in the habit of fussing or hiding behind you when spoken to, don’t as a parent allow yourself to fall into the trap of saying, “Well, she’s just shy.” or “Sorry, he needs a nap.” We all need to learn to be pleasant to people even when we don’t feel like it!  This is an easy thing to incorporate into early learning and then it is just a part of who your children are:  respectful, pleasant children that people of all ages will enjoy being around!


by Christa Bartsch

December, 2008

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About the Author:  Christa Bartsch is a stay-at-home mom who lives in the Midwest.  She has led seminar workshops for women on marriage and parenting.  She has been happily married for twenty years and is the mother of five children.  

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Published December, 2008

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