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"In the visions of God He brought me into the land of Israel and set me on a very high mountain, and on it to the south there was a structure like a city." Ezekiel 40:2

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Video Title
Date Posted
A Good Father
The task of a Biblical Father based on Deut. 6
June 19, 2021
The Hope of the Believer
The Rapture of the Church. Based on John 14:1-6
March 29, 2020
Use All Your Armor
The necessity of using all of the Armor of God at our disposal to resist Satan successfully.
May 3, 2020
John 3:5 and Water Baptism
Does John 3:5 teach us that one must be baptized in water in order to enter the kingdom of God?
June 29, 2020

(Scripture quotation taken from the NASB.)

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